Book Themed Weddings

Nothing is more beautiful than when two people unite over their love of books. At least that is what we would like to think. If you and your honey are ready to tie the knot, you want to incorporate books, and you still want a classy wedding then this is the post for you. We have provided a handy list of ideas that will help you achieve the balance of geek and chic that you are looking to create.


Cake- Your cake is a great place to express yourself. Get a cake made that showcases some of your favorite books. You can get the cake constructed in the shape of books, or you can get a topper that has an element of a book. For example, if you are a Harry Potter lover then you can get a golden snitch on the top.bookish-wedding-cakes


Location- Get married at a local bookstore or library. The benefit is that you will not have to add much to the dcor, and youll be surrounded by the scent of paperDo you smell that It smells like a Jane Eyre book.


Stationary- You can add special touches to your invitations, programs, menus, and place settings.Put quotes from your favorite books on them or make them look like books.favors


Dcor- Use book themed favors. Place classic hardback books artfully on all of the tables. Frame the covers of some of your favorite romantic themed books and place them on the cake table.


Arch- Get creative and make the arch that you get married under out of books or create one from tall bookshelves.Place some books in them, and you have a very book chic event.books


Use those pages- Get books that you are willing to part with and rip out those pages The pages can serve multiple purposes. Surround candles with them, cut out 3-D heart and string them up, and use them for the backs of your programs. There are so many creative ways that you can implement this idea. Pinterest is your friend in this situation.grid-cell-17203-1405092631-7

Make sure to hire a wedding photographer Merida who will work with your unique ideas, and stick to your vision. The most important element is the love that the two of you share. Your wedding is the beginning of a brand new love story. Have fun